Service Program Overview

The Service Program is a valuable way to build a spirit of community at WCS. It encourages participation by acting as a reminder of the importance of volunteering and it helps to keep down the overall cost of operating the school.

Parental participation also has a direct positive impact on student performance. For these reasons we ask families to actively participate by serving 30 volunteer hours over the course of the school year (10 of which must be in approved fundraising activities).

In recognition of the significance that volunteering brings to the school, WCS values these hours at $500.00.

The intent of the program is to make the required commitment easy to attain. In fact, we expect that many families will easily exceed the set quota.

Parents are asked to OPT IN or OPT OUT of the Service Program. Along with their tuition cheques submitted in June, parents who choose to opt in will include a $500.00 cheque for the following June 30. If parents decide to opt out, they are required to proved a $500.00 cheque dated for the current June.

Parents are responsible for recording their own volunteer hours in the Log Book in the office. You may contact the office any time to get an update  of your completed and remaining hours.  On May 1, the office will send home a copy of your volunteer hours sheet to show how many hours you have logged. If your family has not completed 30 hours by the end of the school year, your cheque will be cashed on June 30. If your hours are complete, your cheque will be returned to you during the last week of school.

Examples of service opportunities:

  • Fundraising Dinner Coordinator/Worker
  • Christmas Bazaar Coordinator/Worker
  • Welcome Back to School Potluck Dinner Coordinator
  • Grandparents’ & Special Friends’ Day Coordinator/Worker
  • Grocery Gift Cards Coordinator/Seller
  • Attend Membership Meetings
  • Attend Parents’ Evenings
  • Volunteer in Classroom/Special Education
  • Class Trip/Sporting Event Driver & Supervisor
  • Sports Coach
  • Property Management/Technical Skills
  • Assistance with Office Duties via Mrs. Santiago
  • And many more!