Willowdale Christian School has a number of parent volunteers who sit on various committees to aid in managing the operations of the school. Below is a list of committees and their contacts.

Technology Committee:
WCS has a well equipped Computer Lab and mobile lab and offers Technology as part of its curriculum. The Technology Committee ensures that the computer hardware and software are well maintained.
Contact: Rob Halasz

Strategic Planning Committee:
This committee is responsible to envision and plan for the future of the school in relation to building/facility, curriculum and technology. There are currently 2 active subcommittees that are working on a 5 year plan to ensure WCS can continue to offer excellent Christian education for new and current families.
Contact: Rob Halasz

Contract Partnership Committee:
The Contract Partnership Committee meets with staff to facilitate contractual matters.
Contact: Ron Tiemens

Building & Facilities Committee:
Members of this committee oversea the day to day maintenance of our current building and property.
Contact: Aylmer Ng

Finance Committee:
The Finance Committee oversees the finances of the school and its society.  It recommends a budget to the Board of Trustees each year. It also assists the Treasurer in collecting all dues, fees, and assessments.
Contact: Ron Tiemens