Board of Trustees

WCS is run by parents and community leaders elected by members of the Calvin Christian School Society. Parent volunteers are an essential element to the proper functioning of WCS. The Board of Trustees meet on a monthly basis. The Board of Trustees appoints the principal and teaching staff. It oversees all activities of WCS and ensures they are compatible with the objectives outlined in the constitution of the Calvin Christian School Society. All other committees of WCS are accountable to the Board.
Name Board Responsibilities
Akingbade, Moses Chair, Finance, Education
Santiago, Dave Vice-Chair, Finance, Pandemic Protocol
Tiemens, Ron Treasurer, Finance, Christian Stewardship Foundation (Rep), Contract Partnership
Plaxton, Krystal Secretary, Contract Partnership
Cheng, Joey Technology, Fundraising
Griffioen, Carol Fundraising, Pandemic Protocol Committee
Krupin, Alex Building/Facility, E2F
Ng, Aylmer Technology, Building/Facility, E2F
Ng Kennedy, Christina Education, Pandemic Protocol
Tannous, Matt Building/Facility, E2F
Wong, Kitty Fundraising