Mrs. Venneri

I was born in Belleville, Ontario and raised in Toronto. I attended Paul B. Smith Academy (aka Peoples) for high school. After Grade 12 I worked in a law firm for 7 years. After that my work experience has varied but one common focus has remained – ministry. I have been employed at Toronto City Mission, SIM International, Melrose Baptist Church, Willowdale Baptist Church, and King Bible Church. I also spent a year as a Dorm Parent in Nigeria. I have a Counseling Certificate from Tyndale College and am currently completing a Certificate of Spiritual Direction under the guidance of Dr. Larry Crabb. I am married to Giulio and we have 3 adult children.

First and foremost, my greatest love at this school is the students! Working in the office is akin to being a grandparent – I have all the fun of “raising the children” but none of the responsibility! I can simply hand out hugs, advice, and band-aids without any concern for their math skills! The WCS staff are incredible and I receive much joy from the sense of community and fellowship. I enjoy the atmosphere in the office because you never really know what is going to transpire on any given day. It keeps me on my toes!

Fun Fact:

I enjoy looking at recipe books (and sometimes I even cook!). I love scary movies and books – psychological thrillers! In-depth Bible study gives me great pleasure. Coffee is my good friend. On January 1, 2013 I made a commitment to post on Facebook each day (for as long as I am able) one thing for which I am thankful to God. So far … I am still going strong!