E2F Newsletter #1  (May 5, 2022)

A vision for the future: To help WCS flourish and provide an outstanding Christ-centered education for another 60 years and beyond, the Board of Trustees has been working strategically to prioritize learning in art, science, technology, and music. We recognize that to facilitate such learning, the school building and facilities will require considerable improvements.

These improvements are not only to maintain existing function but also to enhance and enrich the learning experiences at WCS into the future. After much prayer and counsel, the Board launched the EQUIP TO FLOURISH Building Campaign in the Fall of 2021. We call upon the entire WCS community to join us in this exciting journey and to pray with us as we follow the path ahead.

Since the launch the following activities have been accomplished:

  • Completed topographic survey to identify the terrain features of the school property.
  • Worked with Christian Stewardship Foundation to allow donations of securities, mutual funds and stocks.
  • Met with / sent information packages to alumni and former staff.
  • Met with 4 potential architectural firms, and drafted Terms of Reference for architects to bid on.
  • Organized Valentine’s Cookie Fundraiser and raised $1,355.
  • Hired new Project Coordinator – Oksana Tarassenko, and recruited volunteers for fundraising and communications.

We are relying on donations from our broad community of supporters for at least 40% of the total projected cost of $4 million. Currently $189,761 has been donated/pledged, and $67,261 has been deposited into the WCS bank account for E2F.

A generous family within our community is offering to match every donation made to E2F – up to a total of $10,000. This means that the first $10,000 in donations will be doubled! Let’s challenge ourselves and see if we can match the $10,000 to generate a total of $20,000 or even more! This matching opportunity is only available until June 30, 2022, and so far $3,350 has been received.

You can join us on this journey by:

  1. Praying for God’s continued guidance and provision
  2. Consider offering your feedback as parents of the school
  3. Placing E2F brochures at your church
  4. Contributing your time and financial support

To learn more about E2F, visit equiptoflourish.com, email e2f@willowdalechristianschool.org, and/or connect with any of the Committee Members – as we’re so excited to talk about how God’s leading us in this legacy of Christian education!