School Closed
The school is closed until April 6. The following events have been cancelled: Open House (April 1), “Sex Talk” (April 21), Fundraising Dinner (April 24)

Apply to WCS

Enrolment at WCS is open to:

  • Children of Christian parents who have a church home
  • Children whose needs we can meet
  • International students (see International Student Registration) living with at least one of their parents or in an approved homestay, have a student visa (if required by Immigration Canada) and who buy or provide proof of health insurance coverage. Full payment of tuition before a letter of acceptance can be issued.
  • No child shall be denied enrolment on the grounds of ethnicity, sex, colour or national origin.
  • A child must be four years old in the calendar year in which he/she begins JK and five years old in the calendar year in which he/she begins SK.

Completed application forms must include the following:

  • Last 3 Progress Report Cards
  • Registration Fee – $1,000
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Proof of Both Parents’ Canadian Residency
  • Pastor’s Reference Form
  • Statement of Parental Support
  • Family Enrollment Form
  • Student Enrollment Form (1 per Student)

Upon receipt of the application, the Principal will meet with the family.

A decision on the application will be made in accordance with WCS Admission Policy.

The family will then be contacted, and if enrolment is accepted, tuition is to be paid.